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Technical difficulties - updated

We currently await an engineer from BT Openreach to replace a part in the cabinet outside our studio – we are told now the original appointment LAST THURSDAY was cancelled without #vodafone knowing. This is now in day 14.
WE ARE STILL WAITING FOR A SIMPLE REPAIR. It’s farcical it really is.
We hope this will be resolved in the next couple of days. In the meantime please enjoy our jukebox format.


Welcome to 257 Good Time Gold and the 80s Music Station, a part of the Big Brand Internet Radio Network bringing you the very best in online radio stations and juke boxes since 2013.

We have all kinds of stations for you to choose from, just scroll through the page and choose the one that is right for you !

257 GOOD TIME GOLD is where most of our live shows live – all the favourites you loved on 80s Music Station are featured and we welcome back classic shows such as Kurt David and his Taking Ya back series as well as new shows such as Lunchtime Number Ones – schedule coming soon!

He’s back – Takin’ Ya Back to the 60’s 70’s and 80’s each Tues, Weds and Thursday 5pm GMT.
Repeated Sunday


by Unknown Gorgeous Rocker | Radio 257

Join the Unknown Gorgeous Rocker each Saturday at 11am GMT (12 Noon UK, 7pm Hong Kong) for the Weekend Rock Show – repeated 7pm GMT Wednesday – or on demand above.

RON KOVACS and BOBBY JAY join us from RadioMaxMusic each week!
RON KOVACS presents the LIVE All Request Show 10pm GMT each Friday, while BOBBY JAY, the US radio stalwart is here each SUNDAY at 5pm GMT for 2 hours of Great Soul Performances the 1980s!